Advertising vs. Marketing
July 2007
While most business owners would like to reduce the number of hours they work or become entirely absentee, few can afford to.  Reducing the number of your work hours probably involves hiring help, which means you will need to increase the amount of sales and profits before you can afford to hire help. 

Maintaining Control as an Absentee Owner
June 2007
One of the greatest fears people have when it comes to becoming absentee business owners is losing control of their business.  What if your employees don’t run your business right after you leave?  What if your customers stop coming?  What if you don’t know what is going on with your business any more?

The 2 Types of Entrepreneurs
May 2007
As a business owner, you are an entrepreneur. Instead of depending on someone else for your paycheck, you take charge of your own financial destiny. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are two types of entrepreneurs. Knowing which type of entrepreneur you are will allow you to better direct your business in the long run.

Common Myths on Absentee Business Owners
April 2007
When I mention the term “absentee business owner” to people, they either think of an owner that never has to worry about anything, or an owner that is very trusting (perhaps too trusting) of his or her employees. This month, I am going to dispel two major myths on absentee business owners, so you will know what being an absentee owner is really all about.

How Long Does It Take to Go Absentee?
March 2007
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “How long does it take for me to become an absentee business owner?” This month’s column is dedicated to answering this very question.

Is Your Business Functioning Properly?
February 2007
Last month, Oliver introduced the 6 components of a business.  If you want to become an absentee business owner, you will need to know these components inside and out.  The 6 components are business fundamentals, marketing, employees, operations, finance, and absentee owner management.  Today, I am going to focus on the first component – business fundamentals.

Why Most Business Owners Fail to Become Absentee Owners
January 2007
If you look at the world of business, you will realize that less than 5% of the business owners ever become absentee owners. Most small business owners become slaves to their business. The reason most people do not become absentee owners is that they don’t know how.